30 November 2012

Desire & Pleasure

There's a new online sex toy retailer which I'm encouraging people to check out, called Desire & Pleasure. It was recently launched by the Family Planning Association (FPA), one of Britain's oldest sexual health charities established 82 years ago. Right now, and all the way up until Christmas, you can get 15% off your purchases using the code in the image.

Desire & Pleasure is a sex toy store but with a difference. For starters it's an entirely non-profit venture, with all the proceeds going straight to fund the FPA. When you buy from them not only are you getting a great deal, but you're helping the cause of sexual health across the nation, and that's definitely something to feel good about.

The FPA is endeavouring to create a safe environment for consumers, where people can seek advice about products, only purchase things which are healthy for their bodies, and avoid the end of the market which is constituted by the offensive, the violent, and the gratuitous.

The other main campaign that the FPA is running through Desire & Pleasure is one which promotes suitable products for the disabled and handicapped. Their specialist Selected For You category is filled with a variety of products specifically chosen because of their ease of use for people with dexterity and mobility issues. This helps to ensure that everyone has equal access to sexual relief, even those often neglected or overlooked. 

I think it's a really great cause and I'm happy to help promote them. If you want to know more then check out the Family Planning Association website, and Desire & Pleasure

27 November 2012

Tantus Zing

The people at Desire & Pleasure recently sent me a Tantus Zing to review for them. Desire & Pleasure is a new company set up by the Family Planning Association (FPA), a British charity involved in promoting sexual health and sex safe practises. All the proceeds from purchases go directly towards funding the FPA, and it's a really great cause. If you'd like to know more then I'm going to be writing a detailed blog post about them later in the month, and meanwhile you can check out the review below.

23 November 2012

The Blush of Youth

If there's one thing I love then it's a tasteful male nude, especially if it comes in a big glossy coffee table book. Last year I picked up The Blush of Youth from Bruno Gmünder, and I decided that I'd review it just for a change of pace.

20 November 2012

njoy Pure Plug 2.0

Ever since I bought the Metal Worx Teazer I've been eager to try out another metal toy, and this time I decided to sample something from njoy, and picked the lovely Pure Plug 2.0. Read the review after the jump!

Icicles No. 37

It's been a while since I last tried a glass toy, so when I laid my eyes on the new Icicles No. 37 I knew that I had to have it. Find out what I thought of it after the jump!

14 November 2012

Tantus Pack 'n' Play No.1

This month I've been sent a brand new Tantus Pack 'n' Play dildo to review, which was recently nominated for an XBIZ Award as Gay/Lesbian Pleasure Product of the Year. Check out the review after the jump!